I am an Aerialist, Mother , Wife, Sailor, Explorer, Failure, Achiever, Believer, Freedom loving seizer. 

My husband was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma in February 2014 and my entire life was turned upside down.  This is a very rare cancer that has a survival rate of 5-7 years.  I seem to continue to push off just how very real that idea is. 5-7 years…that’s all.  That’ s the run of most successful t.v. shows. That’s 1/16th of a normal life span. That’s my youngest daughter not even reaching high school.  That’s nothing but a blip in a lifetime and that is all he has left.

The first course of action was for him to quit his profession of 17 years.  Can’t really get constant week long chemo treatments and work 12 grueling hours a day as an electrician.  He was originally fascinated by electricity and wanted to know all about electrical theory.  Well as we all know, once you have experience in a paying job it’s kind of hard to leave and start again at the bottom of some new trade that you know nothing about.  So he stayed in a job that started as a love and quickly turned into an occupation that stole his time, his family and his life.  Although he had just been told that he had a fatal disease and was going to die he had a sudden lift of stress.  His eyes were happier and when he wasn’t in chemo or recovering from chemo he started pursuing things he actually loved. His sailboat.

Now we aren’t rich by any means.  Quite the opposite actually but awhile ago my husband saved up some money and bought himself a 30ft fixer upper boat for a very small sum.  This is his new focus, his new goal, his new love.

The second course of action was me quiting my job.  Although my work was being extremely understanding of my situation my husband was having a bone marrow transplant coming which he was going to need 24 hour help with from anywhere between a month to six months.  It’s just not possible to be gone half a year from a job and still expect to work there when you come back.

Now that I am home full time taking care of my husband I figured it would be the perfect time to be a full time mother to my youngest, and this to me means homeschool.  Something I have always wanted to do but just couldn’t with both my husband and I working more than full time.  On top of all of this change my husband and I got the crazy idea that we could live on a sailboat and sell our house to travel the world.  Now I’m not sure if this is just a dream or if it will manifest but as it stands now that is what we strive for day and night.  An adventurers life, not one of need and can’t and must but want and can and will!

That’s where I start and leave you.  This is the beginning of  a different life, a different view. A world anew. Wish me luck, craziness is sure to ensue!



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