Finding our Neighborhood

Not unlike other families moving to a new home you always want to check out the area you are wanting to move to first to make sure it’s a neighborhood and a community you want to live in.  Well, that’s just what we did, only we needed to look at marinas not neighborhoods and boats not houses.  Our goal is to move to the ocean and spend the first year or so sailing around a small area learning and becoming more comfortable with ocean sailing.  We’ve decided to start our expedition in the general area of the Gulf of Mexico, probably off of the coast of Florida (of course it all depends on where we buy our boat as well).  What a better opportunity for a vacation? We hadn’t had a family vacation in four years so we decided to a take week and just enjoy ourselves while also looking at marinas and getting an overall feel of the coastal towns. Plus, after a year after his bone marrow transplant my husband was finally feeling like he could do some beach walking! (although sun and beach anything else really was a little too far).  First stop we made was the local farmers market on the pier.  We bought backyard grown vegetables and freshly caught shrimp for a fraction on the grocery store price.  Grocery shopping at the beginning of a trip is the cheapest way to handle a vacation for us and it’s all about penny pinching (;  We allotted enough money to eat seafood out once to see what the restaurants were like.  Lucky for us my sister in law came down for a couple of nights and treated us to a second dinner out! Here is a picture of my husband cooking up from fresh veggies  from the market.  Look, he almost has hair!


The kids and I spent the whole week snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, beach exploring and soaking in the salty air. My husband enjoyed the peaceful healing retreat it was from our normal in and out daily lives.  This was my youngest’s first time to the gulf coast, she had never seen water so clear! This was also a trip to help them understand that the boat wasn’t just somewhere we all go and work on, sail some and then leave.  That it is going to be our lives and it is going to be our lives in this place!

WP_20151007_022 WP_20151006_021 Snorkeling 6tag_071015-204854

A family member gave us a little extra cash to show the kids a really good time so we decided that the best way to really see the place was from helicopter! Knowing this was going to be there only opportunity to do something like this for along time we sent them up!

wp_ss_20151008_0004 wp_ss_20151008_0003

In the end we decided that this is definitely the place and lifestyle for us.  Now there will be a lot of hard work, saving and planning ahead, but we’re happy to do it!

WP_20151005_002 (2)


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