Shaving. How young is too young?

   I was scanning through a homeschool board I am a part of the other day and I noticed a post that caught my eye.  It was a woman who has an eight year old girl and she was asking if eight was too young to shave.  Out of over 200 comments almost everyone had the same answer, “it’s her body her decision”.  This is where my mind went first as well.  I let my daughter pick out her clothes, her hair style, and everything about herself.  Why not shaving her legs too?


   As I continued to think about it however something just didn’t feel right, when I looked at my eight year old it was different. I just didn’t think she should, and why not?  So I started from the top.  “Why do I shave”? “Why do women shave in general”?  They and I do it to be more feminine for men, to be sexy.  The more estrogen a woman has the less hair she will have.  We try to reproduce this image by shaving our legs.  Hygiene was brought up as a argument for shaving in the comments of the thread but truly how does shaving your legs help your hygiene in any way? Nothing that I can think of or find. Of course we also get pressure from other women (or girls) but don’t we about everything? Weight, economic class, religion, and popularity. It seems from jealousy, and the need to dominate other women. In my opinion a girl shouldn’t shave until she is wanting to be noticed by the opposite sex because that’s really why we do it. What do you think?


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