Mommy, Where Do Zucchini Come From?

Where do the vegetables that we eat every night come from?  That one’s an easy one to answer and a very popular homeschool activity, backyard gardening!  We started a small garden early summer and my daughter has the task of taking care of it when my husband goes into chemo (I always accompany him).  She pulls the weeds, waters the plants and keeps a watch out for pests.  She looks everyday to see if anything has grown yet.  She has watched them sprout from seeds, to saplings, to flowering plants and now see will be able to watch the vegetables grow!


 I encourage everyone to do this in their home if you are able, even just a potted plant or some herbs in the window sill.  I really think putting your hands in the earth grounds you to it.  My daughter loves this activity everyday.  It also gives her an opportunity to draw in her nature journal and come in contact with insects that she might not have normally!




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