Home Schooling the Yummy Way!

Today my daughter woke up and went straight over to me and said, “I’m hungry”.  Not a, “good morning”, not a “hello”, just an, “I’m hungry”.  So naturally my response was, “So am I.  What are you cooking for breakfast?”. To which I got the response, “you’re the parent, you have to”….So at this point she is definitely making breakfast.  I decided to go easy on her because this would be one of her first times baking all on her own so we picked a quick muffin mix.



I used this as yet another opportunity to go over fractions, step by step instruction reading, basic chemistry, responsibility of clean up and self-confidence.


She was s extremely proud that she made these when we were eating them afterwards she apologized to me for telling me I had to make her breakfast and added that she could do it too!  I explained to her that age or position isn’t what makes someone do something, it’s wanting to do it and even better yet wanting to do it for other people.  I went on to tell her that I cook her breakfast in the morning because I love her, not because I have to.  She wants to help me with breakfast from now on. (:




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