Aerial Hammock Morning Exercise

Having an aerial silks hammock around the house is not only tons of fun for myself and the children alike but also great for a morning routine to add on top of your yoga.  Or just to do alone!  Here are a few moves that I like personally.  There are plenty more and I may post them at a later date.  If you have some to add please do!

Lotus: gives a good stretch in the upper thighs (plus who doesn’t like to hang upside down?) This stretch is also called the frog.



Abs: Through the entire exercise keep abdomen tightened and focus mainly on using your stomach muscles and less on your legs. Also, please remember to keep your back straight and shoulders neither sunken in or arched.  This looks easy but I promise you, do it about 10 or 15 times and you will be crying inside feeling that burn!



Crescent: This one I use to work on my “crescent” aerial silks move as shown in my featured image.  This is a wonderful lower back stretch.




Butt Lifts:  We all know what these are.  Make sure to bring body straight before you bring bottom back down to the floor making sure not to over extend on the rise.




Cocoon: Everyones favorite, the cocoon.  Just relax while the silks gently sway back and forth (not recommended for those who are prone to motion sickness).  Beats the “dead man” pose in yoga any day!






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