Aerialist at Heart


I mentioned in my previous post that I am an aerialist, specifically aerial silks-ist-er-person.  This, over the past year, has become my passion.  It all started when I was trying to find a local place to practice yoga.  I found instead aerial yoga. “What the hell is aerial yoga”, I thought to myself as one would, so of course I signed right up!  Turns out aerial yoga is yoga with the assistance of gravity, or being suspended really.  The hammock helps with balance and allows you to sink into deeper stretches that just aren’t able to be gotten into in regular yoga because that pesky ground gets in the way.  To be honest the very first time I went I got motion sick. Yes, motion sick! Apparently wrapping yourself in nylon and swinging is a very nauseous activity.  I quickly learned how to over come that (not wrapping myself up) and I accelerated in the class quickly.  I went from not even being able to hold myself up to climbing to the top of the silks (about the height of a small warehouse) in just a couple of weeks,  When I felt that once a week classes just weren’t enough I bought my own set of aerial tails and rigged them up from a beautiful, strong pecan tree in my back yard.  Now I practice routines and teach my children how to be strong and confident enough in themselves and their body to accomplish amazing things, like beautiful moves on the silks.  Not to mention it’s a great physical work out and is what I use as my daughter’s “P.E.” while I homeschool.

If you’ve never tried it I implore you to go out and at least try it once! Female and male alike! It’s exhilarating, and frustrating, and tiring and remarkably fun!


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